“Piercarla has mentored me for about a year and a half. During this time she has helped me focus, be motivated and deal with insecurity-induced procrastination.

Piercarla listens to my concerns and helps me find answers within myself, to help me personally and in my career.
She is very generous with her advice and doesn’t hold back with her insights and suggestions.
At the end of a session with Piercarla, I always feel motivated, full of ideas and ready to take the next step. Not only has she helped me with my creative career, her coaching has contributed immensely to my personal wellbeing.
By putting ideas into practice, I have started to externalise my creativity into a meaningful way.
I look forward to our sessions with excitement and in the knowledge that
I will be inspired and motivated. “
H. – London

“I’d never had any life coaching prior to talking with Piercarla and I must say she made me feel so much more positive about myself. I am now more willing to listen to my intuition, plus accept that I deserve good things in my life. I also feel more resilient, which is great! I’d like to say a big “Thank you, Piercarla!”.
Barbara, Lancashire


Another seminar c/o City Business Library:

“As promised please find comments recorded on the feedback forms from your recent seminar. The feedback forms scored you nearly all Excellent

Comments included:
•I have learnt something new that I wasn’t aware.

•New subject matter to me.”


Here is the feedback from a seminar c/o City Business Library on dealing with Toxic People:

“Hello Piercarla

As promised please find comments recorded on the feedback forms from your recent seminar. The feedback forms scored you nearly all Excellent

Comments included:

•A good refresher – reminded me to be more aware of myself and look at how I react.
•Learnt how to deal with negative people and how to work on myself to raise my own energies.
•Clear presentation and useful ideas. …

Delegates of City Business Library, London, UK”


‘I wish to acknowledge Piercarla through pgcoaching has given me a lot of help in my time of emotional need and the support for thinking more clearly and reasonably.

I have only had four sessions with her and often find myself thinking of her advice when I feel I am slipping back into the old way of being.

She is the unbiased person who can give advice presented with the facts so that there is very little influence beyond what you have to pour out to her. I like to think she is someone that I can call on for a quick pep and pick me up because nothing in life is so totally black or white but with her help I can see through the grey that much better.

Thank you Piercarla.’

Teresa – London


‘My heartfelt thanks to Piercarla for her gentle yet highly effective coaching! It took only three sessions to completely ‘shift’ my way of thinking to a more positive and pro-active approach. Here is a beautiful, highly intelligent and resourceful woman who is generous with her information and ideas and she is able to hone in on any problem with advice and interesting exercises to help overcome any obstacles. Her spiritual approach to coaching and her endeavors to share her knowledge with as many people as possible is proof that she is a truly compassionate person who is totally committed to helping people to fulfill their potential and to bringing about a positive change in this world.’

Simone – Edinburgh


‘Piercarla opens your eyes to see that the answers to all your problems come from within. Put simply she pushes you to find who you are and discover the enjoyment and love for the simple things in life’.

Alan – Edinburgh


‘Dear Piercarla

When I have met you the first time I was very much impressed about your positivity.

Your attitude and calm voice that showed me “I have to find myself”. What I truthly want and who I am.

I always was striving for perfection. Whatever I’ve done and wanted to be, was “perfect”. So any successess I have achieved, made me happy tho only for five minutes and than I strived for better, never being or doing good enough. Doubt of who I am and what I really want.

I am still working on accepting myself. However I will center on myself rather be who other want I should be and I feel I should be for others.

The calm that I am looking for has become the most essential thing in my life for me. I leave the fears of the past behind me: I used to be afraid of missing out, afraid of not having the things I thought I should have, not being good enough. but I have grown up since. I have more inner peace!

I know I will find MY way, to be who I am.

There are a lot of opportunities in the world, I will be ready and go for it


You are an amazing person.

Thanks again’

Sonja – London


‘I just want to say a BIG thank you to Piercarla for helping me turn my life around so quickly. When I contacted Piercarla, I had just finished a job I didn’t like, I was still dealing with a relationship break-up earlier in the year that had left me devastated, and I just couldn’t seem to motivate myself to do anything. I was just down in the dumps I knew I should be applying for a new job but just didn’t have the motivation to do that or anything else.

In three phone sessions, Piercarla has somehow managed to help me to turn things around for myself. I am 100 times happier in myself, I have been able to focus on the job search and other personal goals. I am very excited about my life now and the possibilities I have for the future. Piercarla’s approach is so practical and straightforward and she moves at the pace which is right for you. If you feel you are stuck in a rut or at a crossroads in your life, and not sure which way to turn, I strongly recommend that you contact Piercarla to help you make sense of it all! Its much better than trying to muddle through on your own!

Thanks again Piercarla’

G. – London xx



I don’t know how to thank you enough. Within 6 sessions you have managed what psychologists (for 7 years), numerous self-help books, yoga and meditation retreats, caring friends and family could never do for me and what I never knew how to do for myself. You have helped me to learn how to love myself, to believe in myself, to banish on-going diagnosed depression from my life, to understand my own potential, to uncover my dreams and act to make them real, to feel responsible instead of guilty and to start to love the life I have, however I choose it to be.

I am making changes in my life, without fear or stress, that I never dreamed I could. I finally feel free, in control and truly empowered. I don’t think I ever fully understood what that meant before.

Having seen psychologists for many years I never imagined I could reach a point where I could say “You know what, I think I am going ok now. In fact I know it”. And you got me here after just 6 sessions.

And to think – I only came to see you to get help with my relationship, which we only spoke about briefly in the first session! By the way, it is going better than my partner or I could have imagined.

From the bottom (and top, sides and middle) of my heart, I thank you for your guidance which has truly changed my life.’

Kristie – London


‘I was at a loss as to how to deal with a problem. The worry had sent me spiralling downwards to a very low ebb. I will be forever grateful to Piercarla as, within my hour’s session, she made me feel good about myself again. I felt like she put me back together. I had arrived fragile, tearful, unable to cope wreck and left feeling my old confident self and more than able to take on the demons. The problem righted itself more or less immediately but, more importantly, Piercarla gave me a simple and very special ingredient for life. Thank you!’

Catherine – UK


‘I really want to thank Piercarla for changing my life. When I started coaching I was feeling guilty and responsible for everything. I was not able to enjoy my life, to plan my future because I was focused on helping people around me to have a better life… I was forgetting to live my own life. Piercarla has helped me realize that my life has to be my priority. … Week after week, what I thought impossible to achieve, has happened…I was falling in love with myself again! This is great…thank you Piercarla!!!’

M.- London


‘I found Piercarla at just the right time. For a number of years I had been wanting – and trying – to make changes in my life, with limited success. Working with her gave me the confidence in myself to explore my ideas, to challenge my limiting beliefs, and to make lasting changes. I truly feel much more powerful in my own life and better able to manage my emotions and mood. Piercarla’s enthusiasm, and her unfailing belief in my ability, inspired me to give myself the same gift.’



‘Thank you Piercarla for your amazing help over the last few weeks. I came to you with no idea at all of what my needs were even! And now, not only have I managed – with your help – to establish what these are but I have made positive changes and moves to make my life go in the right direction. Towards happiness and personal and professional fulfillment. You have taught me a lot in a short space of time. How to be kind to myself, how to recognise when I have my ‘hair-shirt’ on! And how to get it off, quickly……. I now have the confidence to move forwards with some new ideas under my belt into a FABULOUS future. Thank you so much for your support, your insight and not least your humour. In gratitude,’

Mo- UK


‘I can’t thank Piercarla enough for her work with me, the results of which have been genuinely life-enriching and joyful, and which were achieved in a very short space of time. Through a combination of disarmingly simple conversations, questions and practical exercises she was quickly able help me open up a lot of resources in myself, solve long standing problems, and generate a truly enabling attitude to life. Her unbending optimism and refusal to give in to defeat even to the most obstructive hurdles, as well as her good humour and imagination, helped me realise a huge feeling of positive strength and a genuine and lasting sense of liberation.I thoroughtly recommend her approach for anyone looking to explore their life and their own potential. Thankyou again,’

Jason -London


‘I have found Piercarla to be one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Thanks to her life changing ideas and wise coaching I am no longer stuck in a rut. She has helped me realize that there is an answer to every problem, an opportunity around every corner and a way and a means to getting whatever one wants out of life. For this I am eternally grateful. Kindest Regards’

Bernard- South Africa


‘I had heard of and read a lot about PMA (positive mental attitude) before meeting Piercarla. I’d even bought tapes and CDs on the subject. It all made reasonable sense and left me with a foundation of how I should be thinking but I never managed to put these skills into full affect. After my very first one hour session with Piercarla my life changed for the better more than ever before. From the outset Piercarla made me think about and understand why I wasn’t getting the most out of my potential, rather than simply plastering over the cracks. We undid the negative thought patterns holding me back and set some new positive ones in place. I am now 10 times more comfortable with who I am as a person and I am now looking to the future with 10 times more excitement.’



‘The thing I like most about coaching is that it is a process of waking up to one’s own sense of power. Meeting Piercarla once a week has been like an injection of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy London… and gradually, as we worked through different aspects of living, I had to realise that I have responsibility not only over my actions but also over my feelings and motivations – which means that I have a choice I’m learning to hold my own fire and not seek it in other people, in nice weather and all kinds of indulgences. That is real power to me.’

S. I.- London


‘Dear Piercarla,

I write to thank you for acting as my life coach.

I had learnt to ride the bike pretty well I thought, and then as the terrain and rider changed I realized that I needed some help with training and techniques, with route-choice; and that I may have to upgrade my bike as well.

Working with you was like riding tandem for a while; more energy to turn those wheels; experience and skill at my shoulder to guide me along and through; and then the freedom of being able to ride by myself in the directions of my choice on a bike designed and built for those directions.

And how did this happen?

Your fundamental stance is that we have rich resources to build strategies to fulfil our visions.

You are honest, direct and supportive.

You are relentless and courteous in your insistence that I search for and find the right questions (What was actually happening? Was it the bike? Was it me? Was it the terrain and route chosen?)

You always invite me to interpret my preoccupations within a holistic vision of creative and positive development. Your insights and confidence about this are solid and unwavering.

You are unerring in your sense of what gets in the way of our awareness and growth; you share your determined de-cluttering with generosity.

You have an infectious sense of humour; a heart-warming laugh which brings fun into life coaching.

And, uniquely for me, you guided me towards one particular question about my stance towards my childhood which was quite literally liberating.
My own training as a life coach has benefited directly and tangibly from your experience, knowledge and skill. More importantly, so has my life.

All best wishes,’

Terry- UK


‘I started Life Coaching sessions out of curiousity without really knowing what I would get out of it. When I started the sessions I was disorganised without real direction or focus on what I wanted to do with my life. I was initially asked what I wanted out of life. My first thought was happiness, money and a great career but I wasn’t sure how to do this. After a few sessions with Piercarla I have a focus and know what direction I want my career to go and have made positive steps to achieve this. I have also improved my financial situation and have time to myself to enjoy life and ry new things. My organisation skills aren’t perfect but there is a definite improvement. The amazing thing about Life Coaching is that the results were fast which is not what I expected and it has made me realise I am capable of anything I want to achieve. I am pleased with the results and recommend it to everyone.’

E.- London


‘I have been truly motivated to reach my goals! I now feel in control of my life and I am enjoying a real sense of freedom and enjoyment in my life. I could not have attained this without the coaching.’

Lorraine – South Africa


‘Hello Ms. Garusi.

My name is M. I am 22 years old from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
The reason I am contacting you today is I came across the following article, which I believe was written by yourself. (I hope I am contacting the right person) http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/Garusi5.html

You see I have been suffering with Social Anxiety/Phobia for quite some time, almost 9 years.
I have lived a great part of my life feeling insecure and doubtful of myself.
I’ve always thought myself to be a kind and understanding individual, but my fears have somehow always interfered with my happiness, desires, and plans for myself.

I basically just wanted to let you know that your article is extremely inspirational to me. I’ve always known that Social Anxiety is based upon an irrational fear that we conjure up ourselves, therefore it only makes sense that I am in control of my own recovery. I cant tell you how much time I’ve wasted with doctors and meds trying to come to this conclusion and somehow you’ve managed to sum this all up in your article, I find this remarkable.

Like you, I am also very much interested in art. I find that art and music are 2 of my few interests. When I am painting, sketching, or just listening to a favorite CD I simply escape all my worries and troubles and reach a point of relaxation that I only thought possible in my dreams.

I am very sorry this email is so long, basically I just want to say THANK YOU, thank you for caring enough to write this article and imagining for a moment what it would be like to be in the mind of someone with Social Anxiety (something not many people are willing to do)

I wish you much success in all you do. God Bless!’



I have just found your website. The advice and content are wonderful and you are so articulate. Particular topics have helped me so much
and I am truly grateful.

Kind regards,



‘Hi Piercarla,

First of all, I feel so relieved after having gone through your e-course. During the years I have spent trying to get over social anxiety, all the books I have read, all the methods I have tried, no one has ever told me that it is OK to be me. It is OK not to be perfect, to make mistakes and yes, even sometimes feel anxiety. There is nothing to be ashamed of as being me is what I was born to do. I fully believe and accept that now.

In fact not being perfect and making mistakes is what makes me human. Had I actually been perfect it would be likely that others would feel a bit intimidated by me. How could they live up to match my perfectness?

By making mistakes and having faults and by also accepting this and being OK with it I show others that it is OK for them too to be who they are with all their imperfections. This sets a very relaxed mood for being social. By being fully accepting yourself and also accepting others, trust is built and intimacy between two people can begin to grow.

I don’t know what else to say. Right now I am just enjoying the feeling of inner peace that comes with the knowledge that I am good enough as I am, that it is OK to be me and that I truly, fully and unconditionally love myself. I still want to improve and become better, but it is driven from a frame of self-love rather than from a feeling of not being good enough.

I didn’t believe that I would feel like this when I started the e-course. Even halfway through I was still sceptical. But I decided to commit fully to the ideas and exercises suggested in your course, and suddenly it just felt like all you had said was true. It is still hard to believe how easy and fast changes took place within me, but I am truly glad that I was able to take part of this.

Thank you Piercarla, this has been a life changing experience.

Warm regards,

F. -UK ‘


‘Hello Piercarla,

I have always suffered from Social Anxiety and a few months ago my life was a mess, completely.

I lost my job a couple of years ago and never found the confidence to go and get another, i was experiencing anxiety daily, and over the smallest of things…the front gate being opened, the telephone ringing, my anxiety was starting to develop into panic.

Some days it would take me 2 hours just to leave the house. I hadn’t had a professional haircut for over two years-how mad is that! I was depressed and i had hit rock bottom. I knew i had to change but did not know how.

I started to keep a diary with the intention of making it into a blog.
I called this diary…Life of a Social Phobic. I only kept it for about a week when it became clear to me that by me reinforcing the “fact” that i was a social phobic i was somehow a victim and if i could think and maybe believe that i am “ok” then, well, maybe i would be. I kinda thought if i was thinking negative then all i would believe in was the negative.

Then i got your email and your first course was basically what i had been thinking to myself after seeing how mad and desperate my thoughts were and you were basically saying that you can change your thoughts and by choosing more positive ones change your feelings and change your point of veiw on yourself. This was the start for me.

Over the past couple of months my life has changed dramactically. Yes i still have the odd the bout of anxiety but i do not feel or think i am a social phobic and i certainly do not behave as one now. I can’t tell how free that makes me feel.

One big thing that has helped me to feel good and positive was to start exercise, this has been amazing at helping me “feel” good again.
I have been using your e-course along with other self help books and i can honestly say they have all helped. It has been really hard and difficult at times, but not working has been a good thing as it means i had the time to practice, daily, moment to moment on how to change and since then i have been on dates, met new people, had my haircut and i am now out of the house first thing in the morning, within an hour of waking up….it used to be hours before if at all! And it has all been done without any drugs or madication.

I am still learning and moving forward and trying not to stay stuck in the past and for the first time in a long while i am seeing things with a new perspective!

So, yes, thank-you for your course, it has been very helpfull for my journey at getting rid of SA, accepting myself and finding the positive and a meaning to life again!

All the best,

J.- UK’


‘Hello Piercarla

Thankyou for sending me the e course over coming social anxiety. I have at last got round to completing it.

I found the course to be very helpful in my journey to being a happier more confident person. My thoughts at the begining were that I would always be anxious and shy and that something was wrong with me I came to realise that I could change this through different thoughts and beliefs. I realised I am always putting myself down and thinking I’m not good enough I wouldn’t be this tough on anyone else!! Though I still do this I am aware that I am doing it and can stop myself.

I found it difficulut at first to list my qualities and good points but the more I looked for them the more I saw and I had a long list which made me feel really good and there were times I was happy in the knowledge that I am a good person and have no reason to dislike myself so much.

Through this course I also became aware that I worry too much about what other people think about me and I’m always thinking they judge and dislike me, I am always trying to please others.

I am now begining to realise that the people I car about like me. If others judge me it’s their problem and if they dislike me I can live with that I don’t like every one I meet and thats o.k.

I am begining to put the things I learn’t in to practise now I still have a long way to go and I still deal with some anxiety and negative thoughts most days, The best thing this course has done is made me aware of this and now I’am aware of them I can begin to change them.

So Thank you

Best wishes

J.- UK’


“I really enjoyed the class – the class helped me to focus again on my approach to life and love, in particular negative thinking! I would definitely be interested in a day workshop if you do run one.” E. – Edinburgh


“The class was very good and I am still feeling the benefits of it. It’s nice to have different ways of thinking. Thanks very much and let me know of any other workshops you are doing. Thanks again for a wonderful class.” C.- Edinburgh


‘Great seminar! The atmosphere was very positive, thank you! I’m very interested in more advanced seminars with you! & answered a very important question!’ A. – Edinburgh


‘Possibly make it longer. Interesting and helpful. Thought provoking as it enabled me to observe certain patterns. Skills were achievable and realistic.’ A. – Edinburgh


‘Thanks, it was interesting, well organised. For me it was not too much new though it was a fresh up. Too, I could listen to you saying / explaining things which I basically read in books or watched in movies.

~ Deepening things
~ Motivating to follow the path I’m on
~ Encouraging

Thank you!’ B. – Edinburgh


‘Excellent. Possible improvements could be – more silent time to think of personal situations. In general – great.

Really like how you constantly ask people if ‘it makes sense’ and encourage feedback good and bad.

By opening my mind to what we are not taught at school. Inspires yourself to believe in your own potential.’ A. – Edinburgh


‘I enjoyed the enthusiasm and experiences.

For me it would have been helpful to have key points clarified somehow just to help me keep holds of things.

~ Given some tools to work with
~ Given some inspiration
~ Has been helpful in giving tools to shift consciousness!!’ G. – Edinburgh


‘Good. Maybe some practical exercises, pair work, NLP techniques.

Reinforce some knowledge I have but need to put in practice, eg. love self, acceptance, positive thoughts.’ A. – Edinburgh


‘It helped me realise how far I have come in the last year, and it is wonderful to hear and see this work being taught (inspiring too)’.
E.- Edinburgh


‘It was helpful, easy to understand. Something I was thinking a lot recently, it made it clearer.’ M.- Edinburgh


‘I feel more energy and I see I can do something about being happy.’ S. – Edinburgh