OPEN LETTER: Become a Guardian for Humanity

By Piercarla Garusi

This is an open letter to anybody who is in a position of authority, in particular #CEOs of Companies.

You are in an extremely privileged position to bring about a lot of positive change on the Planet. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for what you do, thank you for being you.

The world has gone rapidly in the wrong direction. We are assisting to a steep drop in integrity, an increase in dishonesty, many things have become licit that shouldn’t.

There is an enormous decrease in manners, in respect of people, particularly across cultures. Hate crime is rising. Oppression seems to have become trendy with little shame. There is a huge increase in #bullying and #abuse of all kind.

Human rights are violated. Privacy is violated. There is a rise in anger because of lack of justice and some people feel powerless.

YOU can help people in a way that others can’t. You can be an incredible difference.


The people who work directly, or indirectly, in your company, are ENTRUSTED  to you.

They spend in your company a long time of their lives.

Protect them, ensure the workplace is healthy, make sure there is no bullying, no abuse, no oppression of any kind, no bad behavior.

Make your company a sanctuary. Make sure goodness is safeguarded. Safeguard the highest qualities and the highest vibrations.

Everything in the Universe is interconnected, everything is energy. What we do in one spot is felt on the other side of the world. As you keep the highest vibrations in your company, you make a difference to the entire Planet. Until we reach the tipping point …

Thank you for what you do.