Luxury Sector Coaching


There is a special skill that allows you to connect with anybody, no matter the nationality, language, etc. That special skill allows you to sell anything, to up sell, to cross sell. That special skill allows you to solve any problem you might be experiencing with clients, to KEEP your clients, including KEY clients, to gain NEW clients, …with ease.

I know that special skill.

There are a few areas of my work:

* CLIENTS: connect, gain, retain clients

* INCREASE SALES: I can help you make EVERY person who enters your door a Client, and up sell and cross sell

*DELETE LIMITING BELIEFS: what are the beliefs, often subconscious, that are keeping you stuck? that are causing problems in Your Boutique?

* ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVITY: EVERYTHING IS ENERGY; when we eliminate the negativity, the vibrations grow and business improve. Negativity is often undetected. How much negativity do you have, maybe subconscious, in Your Boutique? Sloppiness, gossiping, judgment, bitching, bullying, and any other negative behaviors, will cause a drop, sometimes huge, in your Boutique sales and performance.

*RAISE THE STANDARDS: how are the standards of your SAs? Visual, in manners, sales ceremony, ethics, behaviors? Sometimes, people have higher standards when they are looking for a job and when they have it, they dramatically drop them – and that will cause you a big or huge drop in sales as well

*HONORING YOUR PRODUCTS: if you value and honor something, people will value it too; if you don’t, people will sometimes wonder why it costs that way; oftentimes SAs do not value enough the marvelous products they sell

*STRESS, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION: how is the Mental Health of your Sales People? There are certain behaviors that create the problems and others that improve them; healing from some mental health issues is actually easier than you might think

*RAISE THE ENERGY: there are also other ways to help raise the vibrations and improve the Energy of Your Boutique; I can also create a painting that can help you increase your sales and energy

*ALIGN: you need to ALIGN with that which we want to experience: what’s in the way?

Sometimes I bring in people to teach different skills and experiences…

I have worked in some of the Best Luxury Brands, including Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Gucci, Pucci, Montblanc. I have done the mystery shopper for other Extraordinary Brands, including Christian Dior, Missoni, Lalique. I also have experience of more than 12 years coaching individuals from more than 15 nationalities and I have learned a lot about people. I am committed to continuous personal development and I study daily the latest developments in energy healing and consciousness.

If you are from the Luxury Sector and are experiencing problems with sales, problems generating or retaining clients, I would be delighted to be of help.

Please visit How I Can Help Your Boutique Increase Sales for more information.

Piercarla Garusi
077 8080 4637