COVID-era Coaching

We live in unprecedented times where things do not seem to end.

Uncertainty is clear. There is an underlying risk that causes people fear and anxiety.

There is a lot of #bullying taking place – if one has the mask, if one does not have it, if one is immunized, if one is not.

There is a lot of #fear, #anger, #anxiety, #despair. People, including #children, are #depressed.

People have become #intolerant, #rageful, #vendictive.


There is a HUGE #mentalhealth crisis and people find themselves unable to cope.

Many people have lost their #jobs and live in #financialstrain.

Many people have to face, not only the COVID situation, but problems caused, or hightened, by COVID, i.e. #racialabuse, #domesticabuse, etc.

Problems, globally, are far worse than we think.

Therefore, if you need help, you have the priority over people who have “lesser problems”, maybe they just want to lose weight or stop smoking.

If you wish to book a session, just send me an email to piercarla @