University Students

I was reading today an article on the Metro Newspaper entitled “Student crisis as suicides hit record levels” and we need to act.

I will be starting in London “Mental Health Classes for University Students”, where I am going to teach you a few tricks on how you can deal with stress, with pressure, with anxiety, with depression.

I have run a social anxiety life coaching support group in London, I have given talks at Depression Alliance Charity in London and Edinburgh, I have given talks at WASP Charity in Edinburgh, I have written an e-course on how to overcome social anxiety and have supported clients individually.

more info on dates and location will come soon

‘I was at a loss as to how to deal with a problem. The worry had sent me spiralling downwards to a very low ebb. I will be forever grateful to Piercarla as, within my hour’s session, she made me feel good about myself again. I felt like she put me back together. I had arrived fragile, tearful, unable to cope wreck and left feeling my old confident self and more than able to take on the demons. The problem righted itself more or less immediately but, more importantly, Piercarla gave me a simple and very special ingredient for life. Thank you!’

Catherine – UK

Mental Health Classes