Mental Health Coaching

Potential causes of Mental Health issues:

  • sleep deprivation
  • financial struggles
  • housing problems
  • discrimination, bullying, belittling, abuse, not being valued, appreciated, believed, in families/relationships/workplaces
  • wrong spiritual teachings
  • societal pressure
  • being wrongly accused
  • societal beliefs and behaviors

I have supported clients on mental health issues with life coaching and complementary therapies since 2005. I have run a life coaching social anxiety support group, given talks to Depression Alliance Charity in London and Edinburgh, to WASP Charity in Edinburgh, written articles on how to overcome social anxiety, how to overcome childhood emotional abuse, how to deal with toxic people, on emotional well-being, and more. I have written an e-course on how to overcome social anxiety, given talks on how to deal with toxic people. You can find some testimonials from my clients on