Why I Became A Coach

I would like to tell you a little bit of my story why I chose to become a coach.

Many years ago, in 1995, I volunteered for 3 years in the Ecumenical Community of Monks of Taizè, in France.

There, they organise three prayers per day and after the evening prayer, some of the monks come in the back of the Church to listen to people.

As they are monks, they do not want to listen to women who are in distress.

I was asked, together with two other girls taking turns, to sit by the Founder of the Community, Brother Roger, and if there were any women who needed a loving ear, he would send them to me.

They were women from all over the globe, and sometimes I was listening until 1am.

I am naturally emphatic, I have suffered immensely in my life and experienced huge amount of abuse, so I can relate to many women in distress and feel their pain.

I enjoyed this very much and when I moved to London I was wondering whether to study counselling or coaching.

I chose coaching, which is aimed at moving people forward, comforting, encouraging and motivating them. And obviously steeped in my own experience.

I always say: if a coach has experienced what you are going through, they can understand you. If they have suffered, they can feel your pain. No degrees or masters in the world can substitute those.