Life and Executive Coach with more than 15 years of experience, created this work drawing from her experience dealing with #emotionalabusers, etc.

She has volunteered for 3 years in a community of monks.

She has run in London a life coaching support group for people suffering social anxiety, given talks to Depression Alliance Charity in London and Edinburgh, given talks to WASP Charity in Edinburgh.

She has written e-courses and articles and contributed to two personal development books published in the US.

She has Life Coaching Certificate and Diploma, is also a Doctor in Mathematics, a Catholic artist and jewelry designer and abstract artist.

She has a Certificate in Equality and Diversity, a Diploma in Piano. She also speaks Italian, some French and Spanish.

Commit yourself to #Humanity.

‘Thank you Piercarla for your amazing help over the last few weeks. I came to you with no idea at all of what my needs were even! And now, not only have I managed – with your help – to establish what these are but I have made positive changes and moves to make my life go in the right direction. Towards happiness and personal and professional fulfillment. You have taught me a lot in a short space of time. How to be kind to myself, how to recognise when I have my ‘hair-shirt’ on! And how to get it off, quickly……. I now have the confidence to move forwards with some new ideas under my belt into a FABULOUS future. Thank you so much for your support, your insight and not least your humour. In gratitude,’

Mo- UK

‘I can’t thank Piercarla enough for her work with me, the results of which have been genuinely life-enriching and joyful, and which were achieved in a very short space of time. Through a combination of disarmingly simple conversations, questions and practical exercises she was quickly able help me open up a lot of resources in myself, solve long standing problems, and generate a truly enabling attitude to life. Her unbending optimism and refusal to give in to defeat even to the most obstructive hurdles, as well as her good humour and imagination, helped me realise a huge feeling of positive strength and a genuine and lasting sense of liberation.I thoroughtly recommend her approach for anyone looking to explore their life and their own potential. Thankyou again,’

Jason -London