We live in a perennial fight between Good and Evil.

Some people, even Christians, refuse to see it and that could be the biggest mistake they make.

evil is real, demons are real, some people can be evil.

You, particularly as Christian, need to CHOOSE GOOD.

That means taking stock also of everything and everyone that is in your life, not only in yourself.

You need to see things, and people, for what they are and then choose.

You might need to let go of people dear to you, even family, if they harm you.

and you need to heal yourself, so you do not “need” them any more.

About PiercarlaGarusi

Infinity/Family Coach, Divine Artist, High Projects, #THEYEAROFLOVE #LACURADELBELLO #HEALINGTHEGLOBALWOUND #ARTESACRAICONE #ILNOMEAMORE #ITINERARIDIPREGHIERA ~The Way You Treat People is THE Most Important Thing ~ #THEYEAROFLOVE to beat #abuse, #bullying, #discrimination, #manipulation, #gaslighting, #emotionalabuse, #mentalabuse, #injustice, #racism, etc. - #LACURADELBELLO to support people with the Global #Pandemic - and Originally a Mathematician, I have coached people from more than 15 nationalities since 2005. I have also worked in 23 Luxury Brands. I have run in London a life coaching support group for people suffering social anxiety, given talks to Depression Alliance Charity in London and Edinburgh, given talks to WASP Charity in Edinburgh, run workshops on how to deal with toxic people, coached designers, contributed to two personal development books published in the US, and one book is with the publisher at present. I am also a visual artist and my paintings can help improve your life and society. Here is some of my activity: *Currently organizing the global art exhibition "Thousands Faces of God", more info on *Project "Love Heals" *Painting channeled for a winner of the Intelligent Optimist Auction in New York *Painting channeled for ConsciousLab *PARALLAX ART FAIR, London, UK, February 2012 *One painting on the website of Depression Alliance UK *I was invited to give a testimonial on Art for Social Evolution at the 1st National Forum of Spiritual Experience in the Artistic Expression, October 2011, Attigliano, Terni, Italy – organized by the Humanistic Centre Salvatore Puledda from Rome and the Institute of Trascendental Art in Rome ES.TE.TRA. *Painting part of the Cosmic Gallery of CoSM Journal – Journal of Visionary Culture – Cosmic Creativity Volume 7 – 2011 *Painting part of The Peace Project 2010 for Sierra Leone – Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, US *Collective ‘Creative Connections’, Galleria 9 Colonne – SPE – Il Resto del Carlino newspaper, Bologna, Italy, May – June 2010 *Painting for World Peace Forum 2010 Luxembourg – Schengen Peace Foundation *Collective ‘Creative Connections’, Galleria Studio D’Ars, Fondazione D’Ars, Milan, Italy, April 2010
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