Creating sustainable healthy working environment for employees

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Sustainability v Bullying

Sustainability includes sustainable relations, in all areas and in all directions, and sustainable relations implies NO bullying.

The Luxury Sector is at the forefront of all other sectors, and I believe it will be also in all areas of sustainability.

Bullying is a problem that unfortunately still plagues many sectors. When we enter a British bus, we often read: “The driver has the right to drive without the fear of harassment.” and I believe the same should sustain for employees in a company: “Employees have the right to work without fear of been bullied.”

Unfortunately bullying is also a problem in the luxury retail sector, in fact:

“The more extraordinary a Brand is, the easier it is that it will attract bullies.”

Now, it is certainly not the fault of the Brand, but it is the responsibility of the Brand to take swift actions so that bullying situations are changed, and then prevented.

Bullies, and potential bullies can be identified also at recruitment process, so that can be avoided.

And so:

Sustainability includes NO bullying.

Bullying is not sustainable and it is not sustainability.

Bullying impedes sustainability.

Bullying needs to be stopped.

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There is NO Sustainability without “People-bility”

There is NO Sustainability without “People-bility”.

“People-bility” is the level of well being in relations between employees, which has an impact on the level of well being of employees.

There is no well being when there is bullying happening. 

Bullying is unfortunately still happening in certain environments in luxury retail and that is causing a lot of stress to employees, it is causing employees’ resignations and a LOSS of money and Power to the Brand.

Bullying prevents Sustainability.

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You are not doing anybody any favor by being small, certainly not to the Universe.

You were born to BE MAGNIFICENT, that’s who you are.

I know you have been programmed to be small, NOW it is the time to change it.

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Please invite them to #YouAreAmazing #CoachingSeminar – click here

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1. Believe them
2. Make it clear to them you will take the appropriate actions so that they feel heard and respected
3. Tell them what you are going to do – if possible
4. Suggest them to seek help to deal with their anger, stress and consequences of the bullying

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1. To be seen
2. To be heard
3. To be treated fairly and with respect
4. To be valued
5. To be believed

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