SPECIAL OFFER 6 months at 35% Discount. There are 2 conditions, you need to be committed to: authenticity and integrity. Commit to making of your life a #Masterpiece of #EXTRAORDINARYBEAUTY

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#HaveTheCourage to BE MAGNIFICENT

#HaveTheCourage to BE MAGNIFICENT. Have NO Fear to stand out, BE YOUR-SELF. Yes, fitting in is safe, but you were not born to play SMALL. You were born to be you in ALL your glory. You will be criticized for Your Greatness, fear not. You Are Unlimited.

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Creating sustainable healthy working environment for employees

more info soon

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1. Believe them
2. Make it clear to them you will take the appropriate actions so that they feel heard and respected
3. Tell them what you are going to do – if possible
4. Suggest them to seek help to deal with their anger, stress and consequences of the bullying

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1. To be seen
2. To be heard
3. To be treated fairly and with respect
4. To be valued
5. To be believed

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#TheEternal When We are Connected with The Eternal, Everything is Really Possible. #InfinitePossibilities #Namaste

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#Empath #Retail #Museums

#Empath #Retail #Museums If you work in #retail, #museums or any job in contact with #public, you are in contact every day with many people and many energies and some of the energies are… crap! If you are an empath, you really need to learn how to protect #yourenergy, as you feel other people’s energy and stuff, and want to help and heal them. You naturally absorb their energy. If at the end of the day you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, suddenly sad or anxious or sick, continuously fatigued, etc. it is likely that this is the problem. #RetailTraining

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